clinch a deal quantity and district do not have limitation to wait. Gao Yang have no way outbeautiful aunt nots hesitate and elder sister disengage also wants occupy tall home. Tall in the evening father sent video telephone call to Gao Yang eventuallyyan Li takes out card to want scare buying this piece of airline ticket

bilateral negotiation is in about afternoon at 2 o'clocknurturance the habit that love shops in disorder

but severe encourage mom thinks Gao Jiatai of occupy of him little sister is inglorious howeverdrive toward the airport at oncetall home has an accident

yan Li feels she is impenetrable. Yan Li should attend the meeting to Dkk immediatelyit is to strive for the Chinese dealership of Dkk

preparation goes back to the motherland immediately. Yan Li goes back to the motherland to be against time before Li Mingchedkk is international famous old brandyan Li is wanting to discuss with Gao Yang

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